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Animals Wearing Polka Dots, from Yoros Factory.

Yoros Factory. Paper Friends.

Cards. Cut Paper. Animals in Polka Dot bikinis.

Um, yes. Anatomically correct.

Look at those belly buttons! And he can stick out his tongue!

Even better? A Koala, with Butt Cheeks!

Monkey, with butt cheeks and more.

I know, it’s ridiculous. But so darn cute! It’s like Paper Dolls, but so much better I mean, there are Tigers!

And Hippos!

And Cows!

What else could you need in a card?

If only I could sew, I’d have a reason to buy this Ceramic Pincushion

Don’t know all the details about this designer, but yet another Design Festa find with these Ceramic Pincushions from hanjiki noutsuwauchi.

So Teeny Tiny. Is that what makes them so desirable?

What’s new at Japanistic?

So many good things. Visit our New Products section to see them all, but here’s a few sneak peeks.

Matchbook Label sets are back in Stock! New patterns but the same perfectness. (Okay, not a word, but the sets are still awesome.)

Things for your desk. Erasers, erasers, erasers.

After the popularity of the Owl on a Branch Letter Set, I just had to get this Cat Letter Set.

For the Europhile in you. the Little Prince Stamp Set. 80 stamps that, of course, can’t be used for postage, but they’re perfect for decorating.

I want to live in this teeny tiny world.


From Aunn Apartment.

What story would you tell about this teensy weensy apartment complex?

Sora Stamps – Yes, there’s a hedgehog.

It’s Design Festa time again. And alas, yet again, I will not be there. But I can’t help looking at EVERY SINGLE participant

This time, Sora Stamp has captured my affections. Handmade, carved stamps, that would look just perfect as part of my collection.

click to close

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My favorite? The Pug Stamp.

click to close

click to close

You didn’t think I’d let these pass without showing the Hedgehog, did you?

Is this next one a Panda Ghost? A Panda Pacman creature?

Once again, I don’t even like cats — Please, no flood of comments from cat lovers — and yet this sleeping kitty is adorable. A true testimony to the power of these stamps.

Now, can we have Design Festa over here please? Please?

Shoop-Shoop-ba-doop. What? No Salt-N-Pepa fans on Japanistic? How about Jewelry fans?

Yeah, this post has nothing to do with Salt-N-Pepa except that when I saw the name of this company, their classic jam popped in to my head instantly. How could it not?

But, rather than taking a ride in my coupe, Doop is all about paper accessories. Rings, earrings, bracelets. Hand-drawn, colorful, and utterly unique.

Excuse the slightly blurry images. Perhaps it’s this way on their site for protective reasons? Too hard to steal the images?

I love these Clock Rings.

My personal favorite, since I wear the exact same jewelry every day and it’s only things my husband and son have given me–yes, you can say “awwwww” here–is the paper.

I think I love these because it’s like doodles made real. And who doesn’t fantasize about their doodles being just a little something more?

And just because you might need some of this on your Wednesday, here’s some Salt N’ Pepa for you.

Sumo Papercraft – for the wrestler in all of us.

Post Card Toy Series papercraft. Spring Cherry Blossoms.

Or, change your tree for the seasons.

Yes, those are nice. But really, they pale in comparison to the bowling papercraft.

Sumo too.

Yup, you can make them actually wrestle.

I know. It doesn’t take much to amuse me.

Cats should always wear suspenders – The Work of Tomomi Sekine

Today’s swoon – the work of Tomomi Sekine. Another of the Japanese artists who appears, at least in my estimation, to be crushing hard on Scandinavian imagery. Gnomes, Braids, Suspenders, Farmers, and an Amish thing with bearded gents.

First, though, Cats in Suspenders. So much right here.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, we can move on to other things.

I wish I could get my husband this Lovey Dovey bird image for our anniversary.

Hi Mushroom-Gathering Gnome. Do you want to come live at my house?

These guys look worried, don’t they? Is there something wrong on their little boat?

It’s a Small World After All gloves?

Yup, Squirrels in Party Hats.

What kind of road trip could these four be going on?

The illustrations are great, yes, but there’s also stationery and animal friends of all kinds.

Personally, I like that the bears are just a teensy bit scary.

I just love a Nordic Man in braids.

This ain’t your Mama’s origami paper – that is, if your mother does origami, which my mom doesn’t because she is not crafty in the least, although has many other fine attributes, but my son is quite adept at origami and teaches me new things all the time and you could probably teach yourself with the awesome new origami paper we have at Japanistic.

I have gone a little Origami crazy lately. No, not with folding it myself, but with being obsessed about the paper itself. So, so, so many new styles of Origami Paper and Papercraft and I’ve been working furiously to get them up as quickly as possible.

My personal favorite, and the one that makes me squeal with glee? The Cat and Mouse Papercraft Kit. Yes – you can make KITTENS! Curled in baskets!

Look at those eyes! I don’t even like cats and I want to make these.

These friends, and so much more, now, at Japanistic, in CRAFT. Endless – at leat that’s how it felt when I was loading product – new styles of Origami Paper and Paper Craft. You know you need something for the kids to do over Spring break. Now, they, and you, can get your folding on.

Embroidery? Cross-stitch? Either way, I love this.

Embroidery? Cross-stitch? Either way, I love the colors of these stunning pieces. Table mats, coasters, card cases, belts, pouches from available Here, at least, if you are in Japan.


So lovely, don’t you think?

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