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The simple delicacy of a metal insect.

I don’t know why, but I am totally enamored with the delicacy and artistry of this little metal bug. Perhaps it’s that I like the juxtaposition of nature and technology it embodies. Or maybe it just reminds me of sci-fi awesomeness.

From sheet metal fabricators Mu Techno, it’s going to be part of a series of insects. My wish? Sea Creatures! Wouldn’t a jellyfish be amazing?

Papersky’s Tour de Nippon

I know I’ve just returned from Mexico, but I am a constant sufferer of the travel bug and am always dreaming of my next possible destination.

Now, I’m thinking about the Papersky Tour de Nippon.

Tour de Nippon

Papersky’s Tour de Nippon project is about finding the magic of Japan’s rural districts, their inhabitants, nature, culture and food. We travel to various prefectures and ride bicycles. Traveling via bicycle allows us a clean and healthy way to explore Japan’s rural areas.

Papersky currently runs five clubs: Bicycle, Mountain, Book, Food and Japan. Each club has a captain that is highly knowledgable and active in their field and for each of the Papersky Tour de Japan events we work with several of our captains on finding out ways we can tap into the locality of an area per their unique viewpoints.

For instance we frequently invite very talented chiefs to collaborate with local farmers and designers to create a unique dinner. We also work with local craftsmen & women to design small workshops that our guests can create a handmade item such as lacquer spoon or learn the process & skill of cleaning and salting a fresh fish. The workshops are all specifically designed to coincide with the locality of the destination. Besides riding on our bicycle we also like to walk and frequently create programs to climb mountains or explore culture destinations with local people.

It is our hope that through our Tour de Nippon project we’ll be able to introduce you to a new way of looking at Japan. Papersky’s years of travel experience both within Japan and around the world give you a total emersion into a culture that is extremely difficult to access. (via)

Would I love the chance to ride my bike around Japan? Absolutely. The Papersky bike tours look terrific.



It’s unlikely I’ll be able to get there soon so for now, I’m making do with the Bicycle maps, also from Papersky.

Papersky Bicycle Maps

Would I settle for one of these maps to adorn my walls? Yup.

Here’s what I’m thinking: I am an experienced endurance athlete. Perhaps they need someone who can evaluate these courses and make sure they are appropriate for all levels? Papersky–I am ready and willing!

Have a seat – and choose what color it will be.

Choose your level of comfort, and perhaps more important, your color. Chairs for all seasons from Noriko Hashida.

I think the armchair style would look quite nice in my house.

The red? Perfect for me.

Seeing the forest through the chairs.


I love these chairs. Like a forest teardrop, or chairs for elves. From Masakiya Wood.

Hello Hands from Re,Play, a Cozy for your Pens.

Another of the goodies at Tokyo Designer’s Week, the Hello Hands, from Re,Play.

Hello Hands - fabric home deco accessories for pens
Make your pen all cozy. It’s like a mitten for your writing utensil. Or a friend.
Hello Hands is funny little gloves for your pens to be your friends.
Hello Hands - fabric home deco accessories for pens
And to hold it? You can make your can into a cute little animal. A squirrel perhaps?

Make Me a Pet is lovely skin for empty cans to be your pets.
They’ll make you smile in your everyday life!
Make Me a Pet - fabric home deco accessories for cans
Make Me a Pet - fabric home deco accessories for cans

Mokulock – Build Something, people!

I admit to being a bit of a freakazoid when it comes to all of the plastic in our lives. Could these wooden blocks from Mokulock be the alternative to the mountains of plastic Legos in our house.

The family that Rocks together – has an awesome sofa from Perhe.

I might need a set of these. The Family Rocking Sofa from Perhe Design,  designed by Naoya Kokado and Orika Morishita.

The concept is perfect for homebodies like me.

Home is not only a shelter but also the heart and soul of our lives. We believe that the home must be an essential basis of design which makes relationships within the home develop further.
We interviewed wide range of people about ”home” and ”family”. The mind tree on the right represents the idea of home for the participants. Some of the words that stood out to us were sharing, happy, relax, practical, and together. The design of Perhe is based on these keywords.

It comes in pieces so you can get as many, or as few, as accommodates your family.

I particularly love the photos of the prototypes made by the designers. Makes me want one even more!

If you’ll be at Tokyo Designer’s Week, you’d be able to see it in person, like folks at an exhibition in Helsinki.

If you get to see it in person, have a rock for me, and make me jealous of how much I would like to have this in our house!

The desk extender, for a slob like me, from Design IDA.

As someone who has TOTALLY been the one to spill my entire cup of coffee on my desk, this idea is GENIUS. From Design IDA.


So smart! When can I get one of these here?!?

Zoo Plates – Choose your favorite animal for your favorite food.

If my son were younger, these would be my plates of choice. Toin Zoo Plates, with a handy dandy holder.


Not your cup of tea? Perhaps a bit of Chocolate in the Box. Feels pretty perfect for this stormy, blustery day.

Makes me want some hot chocolate right this second!


Wherever you are on this stormy day, I hope you are safe, snuggled in with loved ones, and having a warm and toasty drink. Be well everyone!

Water is Life. Carry it in your Life Water Bag.


The Life Water Bag from Aozora, AKA another gadgety thing my son would LOVE.






Tote? Backpack? Either way, take your water on the go. And how cute she makes it look!

I know, I know. But this thing makes me giggle and I kind of love it so humor me please.

Also from Aozora, the perfect ice cream cone drippiness solution. The Cool Cone. Scoop and eat. Easy Peasy and mess free.


And since I’m thinking Summer outdoor activities, I like these simple DIY airplanes that are really all about typography.




And if, like my husband, you are a fan of sun tea, there’s this helpful Tea Squeezer.


There you go. Some summertime activity inspiration for you. Have fun.

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