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Animals Wearing Polka Dots, from Yoros Factory.

Yoros Factory. Paper Friends.

Cards. Cut Paper. Animals in Polka Dot bikinis.

Um, yes. Anatomically correct.

Look at those belly buttons! And he can stick out his tongue!

Even better? A Koala, with Butt Cheeks!

Monkey, with butt cheeks and more.

I know, it’s ridiculous. But so darn cute! It’s like Paper Dolls, but so much better I mean, there are Tigers!

And Hippos!

And Cows!

What else could you need in a card?

A “Little” Scandinavia in Japan, with mushrooms and bunnies and squirrels.


There’s a distinctly Scandinavian/Eastern European thing happening in a lot of Japanese design, and I am a big fan. I think that’s what attracts me to this work by Little.

With the artist’s travels to Estonia, Sweden, Finland, and more, it’s not a surprise that these Cards, Lettersets, Seals, and Canvases all have a slightly European look, with a Japanese twist of course.


A bunny on a mushroom. Swoon!






This squirrel has got a special letter for you! What could it possibly say?


Tea Time with squirrel.


The Hokkaido Squirrel.



The clear lesson here? I need to do A LOT more traveling!

Wonderful World, Beautiful People from Another Room

A new crush. The insanely desirable work from Another Room.

Illustrations and so much more.

Tenugui,  with characters and warm pretzels!

Cards, with an equally lovable assortment of characters.

Doesn’t this bear family remind you of Richard Scarry?

Hitsuji Bakery. Their treats must be delicious!

Animal friends Love Love!

Totebags. And as we know by now, I cannot get enough of bags!

‚©‚í‚¢‚¢‚¢‚¿‚²ƒ`ƒ‡ƒRƒNƒbƒL[–Í—l‚̃~ƒjƒg[ƒgƒoƒbƒO@another room

They call this one Cookie Assortment, but to me, those are New York hot pretzels on there! Yum!

This tote makes me feel that the folks at Another Room are truly glass half full kind of people.

Finally, can you possibly go wrong with cute babies in t-shirts?

One more, because I can’t resist it! A felted critter to love!

Once-a-Month Fairy Tales from Belle Maison

ここでしか買えないキュートなステーショナリー ノベンバーブックスさんデザイン「リトルライブラリー」

Fairy Tale Classics that are deceptively wonderful.

No need for language skills since these books are actually hidden desk supplies. Stamps, post-its, letter sets, and more. Sign up for this special deal through Belle Maison and receive a new fairy tale each month. (At least, I think that’s what they’re saying. And I assume the offer is available only in Japan.)

Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid,The Ugly Duckling, Puss in Boots, and all your favorites, without having to read them again.



Pretend to go to Paris with Japanistic

I need a little escape at this time of year, even if it’s just a mental break. With that in mind, new products at Japanistic, with a Paris theme.

Plan your Paris excursion in the pages of this Paris Metro journal.

Have a favorite Paris Metro stop? Choose the lines you love and send a letter on these Paris Metro Letter Sets.

And while you plan your trip and write your letters, sip a Cafe Au Lait from this Paris Metro Mug.

See? Don’t you feel better after a petit vacation?

The Thank You Note Battle – No Thank You!

I admit that I dread my son’s birthday parties. Not for the party itself. Those are always fun. It’s because of the ensuing Thank You Note Battle which is almost inevitable. It’s not that he is ungrateful for people’s generosity, or that he’s acting like a spoiled brat. It’s just that the very act of sitting down, tethering himself to a table, and writing a note for each person interferes with all of the other things he’d rather be doing.

I’ve tried coercion. I’ve tried not letting him play with the gifts until the cards were done. I’ve tried one a day at breakfast, a solution that simply spread the torture over a longer period of time. Nothing makes the experience pleasant for either of us.

This year, I tried something new. Elph & Epha Stationery Sets. And to my amazement, it totally worked. Yesterday, while the snow fell, he sat at the kitchen table and cranked out six in a row, choosing characters on the basis of what he thought different friends would like, and I think, feeling less intimidated because the paper is lined. No huge open space to paralyze him with its emptiness.

Instead, a quick note, a thank you, and even a smiley face or two. And no fighting.

Bento Stationery for Tweens, or at least for a girl named Naomi.

If this is any indication, the Bento Trend has reached the mainstream, truly. Bento for Tweens.

From Crayola, Naomi’s Stationery Box, part of the Pop Art Pixies Series.

And look how happy Naomi is, mailing a letter she’s written with her bento kit.

Um, she is wearing legwarmers! Whoa!

Here’s what’s included in the kit:

Feed your need for taking notes! Naomi’s Stationery Box is a deliciously whimsical stationery pack. Not a real bento box—just faux fun!
Comes with:

  • 1 bento-style stationery box and lid
  • 2 chopstick gel pens (red/black)
  • 25 sticky notes
  • A stamp pad
  • A wasabi-shaped stamper
  • 12 stationery sheets
  • 4 decorative sticker sheets

I’m impressed that they spelled stationery correctly! And let me be honest. I would have been all over this as a little girl, and could completely see my son’s friends loving it.

(Thanks for the tip, My Trendy Tykes)

I NEED a Brainstorm Recorder-Penco Notebooks from Hightide


By now, it’s clear that my notebook loyalties lie with the A5 Series from Artemis. That said, I am always drawn to companies that combine good design with terrific colors. And Penco from Hightide fits the bill completely. Office supplies, but better. And who doesn’t need a Brainstorm Recorder?








Japanese wrapping paper meant to be reused, from Number 62


Every year, Colette and I walk the stationery show and lament the lack of wrapping paper. Now, I’ve discovered the stationery company Number 62, from Bob Foundation. And I am smitten. More than just wrapping paper, I love their designs and products of all sorts.


I also love their philosophy and their ideas of how to use their products.


I can think of many uses for their delightful wrapping paper.






Their silk-screened cards are positively beautiful.






The only problem with this Coaster Notepad is that I don’t think I’d actually want to put a drink on it.



What do you think you would you make with these Number 62 goodies?


Happy Summer Colors from Titto

Another Japanese stationery company to covet? Alas, it’s true. Titto makes colorful note sets, memo pads, and things that remind me just vaguely of a cross between Alexander Girard and Dutch Door Press. Mostly, the fully saturated color just makes me so darn happy!

A candle you can mail as a thank you

A candle you can mail as a thank you





Letter sets-I think they are perfect for summer greetings!

Letter sets-I think they are perfect for summer greetings!




What does this all show me? Yes-that at the Tokyo Stationery Show, I could possibly die from bliss.

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