Giant Animals Taking Over Japanese Cities!

s_nakano_1 Oh Pink Tentacle, you’ve done it again. Wowed me with these images of giant animals run amok in Japanese cityscapes. These are from artist Shuichi Nakano’s Searching for Paradise series. And I love them. Especially the floating sea creatures gracing the skies. s_nakano_2 s_nakano_3 s_nakano_5-1 s_nakano_7 s_nakano_6 s_nakano_8 s_nakano_9

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3 Responses to Giant Animals Taking Over Japanese Cities!

  1. (Faint) Eep! I love that sheep picture!!!!

  2. My English site is open !
    New works are carried in this site.
    Check it,please.


  3. Thank you for letting us know-and congratulations!

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