Japanistic Fans, can you help me make a decision? (and hopefully, help us grow!)

Okay folks, I need your help again. Here’s the deal. 

As you have probably guessed, I’m pretty passionate about this whole Japanistic thing and think there are a lot of possibilities for where the site can go. I want to keep exploring and discovering great new Japanese designers for you, bringing additional products in, and keeping us all well supplied with Washi Tape, cool things for your kitchen, Journals, Craft supplies and tools, and whatever other Japanese items we all fall in love with.

To do this, well, we need to sell more stuff!  This means expanding our reach and doing some more, gulp, advertising. And here’s where you come in.

My question for you, our loyal fans, is where to advertise. Currently, I am exploring doing ads in Bust Magazine. It’s a magazine I read, and it’s read by plenty of other crafty folks who might have an interest in what we’re doing at Japanistic. But it’s expensive and would mean a big expenditure for a small business like this.

At the same time, I could continue with Facebook ads that might be targeted to folks who are needing a Japanese product fix. There’s Google Ad Words too.

Do any of your have opinions about the kinds of advertising you are inclined to look at when searching for cool Japanese products? Any advice welcome and as always, thanks for your help!

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One Response to Japanistic Fans, can you help me make a decision? (and hopefully, help us grow!)

  1. Ciao, scrivo dall’Italia.

    Cercavo prodotti idonei per bambini e vi ho trovato tramite un blog.

    Penso che un bel pò di pubblicità sui blogs come “Bloesem kids”, “Kickcan and conkers” o altri siti/blogs simili potrebbe dare buoni risultati.

    In bocca al lupo!

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