Japanistic goes on Vacation!

Hey lovely Japanistic fans!

Yes, it’s true. Japanistic is going on vacation. After a few years without a break, we’re taking one and heading to Vietnam for two weeks. A dream come true!

What does that mean for you, our lovely fans? Only good things. While this is an actual real and true vacation, complete with limited interwebs access and email avoidance, we will, of course, be keeping our eyes peeled for fantastic goodies, and who knows–maybe we’ll end up with a Vietnam category on the site.

And we’ve ensured that there will be NO interruptions in our fulfillment so you can place your orders and be assured that things will ship, as always, promptly and filled with the goodies you love.

The lovely Emily may also be surprising you with a blog post or two at the Japanistic Blog.

What’s in the photo? Why yes, I did use Washi Tape to label all of the charging cords for our various devices. I’m an organized lady, and, um, a little bit nutty too. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea!

See you in two weeks! In the meantime, happy shopping!

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