Origami meets The Matrix with paper portraiture

This is way beyond Origami. Paper art portraiture that is just mind-blowing. So real, it’s almost surreal.

Dutch artist Bert Simons takes paper folding  art into the whole new level by creating hyper-realistic 3D paper sculptures.

The first step in his process of making a paper portrait is digitizing a model. Bert starts his work by putting a lot of points on his model’s face to have some reference when modeling. He then takes all the data into his computer where he reconstructs the face with Blender, the open source 3D program. After 3D modeling Bert goes back to 2D by flattening the texture and then printing everything out. Finally, he glues this incredibly complex 3D puzzle and turns it into hyper-realistic portraits.” (via)

Amazing, and, um, kind of freaky. And yes, I want one of my family to hang on the wall of our dining room room like a deer head. Is that weird? Yup. I know.

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