Samurai Felt birds take flight.

Although I’m a knitter, the art of felting is a mystery to me. While I don’t understand it, I am in awe of the artistry behind these felted birds from Samurai Felt.

So lifelike they look ready to take flight, the artist , based in Hyogo, Japan, says “I have needled felt little animals out of wool since last year,inspired from nature near by my habitation. I realy [sic] love the beauty of nature animals and birds, so I always strive to make them as realstic [sic] as possible.” (via)

If only these sweet friends would visit the bird bath in my backyard.

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3 Responses to Samurai Felt birds take flight.

  1. oh those are lovely. I needle felt and it’s such a fun process. Fiber has such character i feel.

  2. It’s amazing how realistic people can make things look with felt. There’s a felting supply store in our town and I may have to poke around! (Just what I need–a new craft to obsess over!)

  3. it’s a fun craft to do i think and easy to get going. i don’t quite have the patience to do the super realistic stuff.

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