Shoop-Shoop-ba-doop. What? No Salt-N-Pepa fans on Japanistic? How about Jewelry fans?

Yeah, this post has nothing to do with Salt-N-Pepa except that when I saw the name of this company, their classic jam popped in to my head instantly. How could it not?

But, rather than taking a ride in my coupe, Doop is all about paper accessories. Rings, earrings, bracelets. Hand-drawn, colorful, and utterly unique.

Excuse the slightly blurry images. Perhaps it’s this way on their site for protective reasons? Too hard to steal the images?

I love these Clock Rings.

My personal favorite, since I wear the exact same jewelry every day and it’s only things my husband and son have given me–yes, you can say “awwwww” here–is the paper.

I think I love these because it’s like doodles made real. And who doesn’t fantasize about their doodles being just a little something more?

And just because you might need some of this on your Wednesday, here’s some Salt N’ Pepa for you.

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