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Vintage image craft papers from Yonagadou.

Thanks to 8Tokyo, I’ve discovered the beautiful papers of Yonagadu.

According to 8Tokyo, “Modern Japan Paper Reprints is a series of reproductions based on Japanese kimono from around 1910 to 1930 and paper from the 1960s.
The series features items such as postcards, stationary and wrapping paper, and the products can be used for collages or just enjoyed for their looks.”

Yes, I do enjoy them for their looks, but I would very much like to craft with them too!


Love this Kokeshi Doll Paper!

This is my favorite. Modern and Retro at the same time.

Another favorite of mine. Birdies – So pretty.

Need some crafting papers of your own? We’ve got ‘em. Check out our gorgeous papers at Japanistic.

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