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How to make your Rilakkuma Bento box – Paper Craft tutorials from Happy Puppy Truffles.

I am a big fan of Paper Craft, and while my skills leave, ahem, a little something to be desired, I have the best of intentions.

Sometimes, we all need a little assistance with our paper artistry and I was delighted to find these tutorials featuring the Rilakkuma Bento Box Paper Craft we sell at Japanistic.

Courtesy of Happy Puppy Truffles, the Daily Origami series with more than 700 helpful tutorials showing you, step by step, how to make those cutie-pie things you’ve admired.

With help on your Rilakkuma, watch this tutorial.

For the Strawberries, watch this one.

Need help with your Octopi? No worries. Here you go.

Thanks so much to Happy Puppy Truffles for helping me, and so many others, perfect our paper artistry! (I, for one, can use all the help I can get!)

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