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Haruki Murakami Art Contest

How did I not know about this? A Haruki Murakami Art Contest! (Thank you Superpunch, for enlightening me!) Happening at Nowness.com, the contest is in honor of the English translation of Murakami’s new book, 1Q84. Entries are up, and voting is open for the next week.

The winners will be announced on NOWNESS on October 25 to coincide with the publication of 1Q84. The six most popular entries will each be awarded with a first-edition copy of 1Q84 signed by the author, as well as a complete archive of his previous works courtesy of Random House, Inc., our partners in the competition.” (via)

There are plenty more so be sure to look at all of them before you vote. I can’t quite decide if I prefer the literal or more abstract – what do you think?

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