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Fun with your Food, with Bento tools to help you.

In our house, the lunch making falls to my husband. Needless to say, these new tools will come in handy when he runs out of ideas.

Make your own California rolls, spicy tuna, or whatever yummy combination you fancy, with the new  Oshi Sushi Mold.

Rice molds to help you make cute characters. Nothing more really needs to be said, does it? Bear, Boy & Girl Rice Mold Set.

Dog is taking a vacation, but how will he get there? Never fear. He’s got a train, car, or boat to choose from. And any of these molds will make your sandwich offerings that much cuter. Try this Dog Sandwich Mold set.

Cute rice cubes you can decorate as you wish. Because aren’t square heads cute? Mini Cube Rice Mold.

My son hates when he can’t fit ice cubes into his water bottle for school. Problem solved with this Stick Ice Tray.

Or perhaps you’d prefer teeny tiny itsy bitsy cubes? Try this Itsy Bitsy Ice Cube Tray.

More fun kitchen goodies coming soon! In the meantime, visit our Kitchen Section at Japanistic.

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