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Cats should always wear suspenders – The Work of Tomomi Sekine

Today’s swoon – the work of Tomomi Sekine. Another of the Japanese artists who appears, at least in my estimation, to be crushing hard on Scandinavian imagery. Gnomes, Braids, Suspenders, Farmers, and an Amish thing with bearded gents.

First, though, Cats in Suspenders. So much right here.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, we can move on to other things.

I wish I could get my husband this Lovey Dovey bird image for our anniversary.

Hi Mushroom-Gathering Gnome. Do you want to come live at my house?

These guys look worried, don’t they? Is there something wrong on their little boat?

It’s a Small World After All gloves?

Yup, Squirrels in Party Hats.

What kind of road trip could these four be going on?

The illustrations are great, yes, but there’s also stationery and animal friends of all kinds.

Personally, I like that the bears are just a teensy bit scary.

I just love a Nordic Man in braids.

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