Tupera Tupera for Belle Maison

一緒にくらそう。tupera tupera(ツペラツペラ)

tupera tupera 旅するスポンジワイプ 吸水性バツグン!人気の薄型スポンジ。

A few months ago, I showed you one of the monthly offerings from Belle Maison. This time, I’m desirous of their collaboration with Tupera Tupera, the design team of Tatsuya Kameyama and Atsuko Nakagawa.

tupera tupera(ツペラツペラ) 亀山達矢さんと中川敦子さんによるアートユニット

Look at these bowls! I want them! Anyone have a Belle Maison connection for me?

Where to put your bowls? On a placemat of course.

And even though I’m over decals in general, I do like these Wall Decals.

Want to see their original work? It’s equally amazing.

Love the Tupera Tupera Kokeshi Dolls!

And yes, picture books too!

If only we had catalogs that sold things like this here in the U.S.! Hmmmm–Japanistic’s new niche?

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