Upgrade my office supplies to these-Please?

Why do office supplies seem more exciting when they’re from another country? I swear that I could go to the Japanese equivalent of Staples and spend hours, while I wouldn’t venture near one in my own country.

Take these clips for example. No idea what they say, or how they are to be used, but I want them.


And look how much more exciting they are then a simple paperclip!


True confession-when we were in Korea, I spent at least an hour in a Korean office supply store and emerged with things like a women’s bathroom sign, a sign that simply said “Office” in Korean, and things that. That’s not even counting the bag worth of notebooks I’ve yet to break in to.

And yet, do I want even more clips? Why yes, thank you.



Notepads, or maybe stickies, in Tofu Boxes? Yes, please.


If I buy Japanese dry erase markers like these, will I be able to draw cute little fruit too?


I know if I had these things I’d be more organized, more efficient at my desk, able to get more done in my day. Right?

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3 Responses to Upgrade my office supplies to these-Please?

  1. Oh my – I really want the kanji paper clips too! the one on the paper is like “even now”/”until” or the 8th sign of the chinese zodiac. I wonder if their the zodiac signs – since there’s conveniently 12 of them…

  2. Nope – I was wrong. “Economy, rapid, yet, secretary” if you use google translate.

  3. Impressed that you even tried!

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