Washi Tape Creations, or craft ideas I might have to try.

Yesterday, while arranging my office supplies yet again, and stamping washi tape labels for things like boxes of tacks, I fell down the rabbit hole again, into the wonderful world of Washi Tape.

I love the washi tape decorated boxes above.

Loving these Washi Tape Flower postcards with vintage book pages.

Having a party? How about Washi Tape Cupcake Toppers?

Love this adorable desktop notes and photo holder.

The artist says that “this one looks a bit festive;)
Made out of upcycled cardboard, card stock and washi-tape.
Hinged with washi-tape.
“(via) Clever and useful!

These Vintage French Postcard Graduation Announcements are another favorite.

Vintage Paris postcards + air mail-themed washi tape + vintage Paris stamp” (via)

What a great idea! And I love the fact that the washi tape is used as just an accent.

I also like the creativity of jazzing up a digital camera with washi tape.

Customized Classica

“I’m sure some purists will freak out about this … but I really hated the white (faux leather-ish) cover on my Natura Classica. So I took it off and covered it with colorful washi tape. I didn’t think it would be possible to love this camera more, but I’m even more excited about using it now! :-)

P.S. — The cover came off REALLY easily, so I saved it and will make a template from it if I decide to recover it with leather or another suitable material.” (via)

Not sure I would be brave enough to do this on my own, but I totally respect that she did!

I know it’s the tail end of summer but I still love these Washi Tape Votives.

That’s it for today, since I want to leave you in suspense over the weekend about what other Washi Tape Wonders I might have found. (Remember-if you need your own supply, we’ve got it at and plenty more in the Craft Section at Japanistic!)

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5 Responses to Washi Tape Creations, or craft ideas I might have to try.

  1. *swoon* I love the boxes. I love the ideas-as if we weren’t using already too much of this tape for almost everything in the house.

  2. I am enjoying living vicariously through other people’s creativity. Perhaps that will suffice, at least temporarily, to appease my addiction.

  3. I’m a bit surprised to find my art work here (washi tape flower postcards). Since you never actually mentioned anything to me. I’m glad if my works can spark your creativity.

  4. Oh goodness! My apologies for not mentioning you by name! Hopefully, the post links will send folks in your direction to see your washi tape craftiness!

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