Washi Tape Fabric – and a dress I would rock any day of the week.


(Photo credit to Made-By-Rae.)

You can add sewing to the list of skills I don’t have. (Okay, I did make my son a KILLER Luke Skywalker Jedi cape a few years ago, but it required a friend to help me and a 1-hour pattern took me three days.)

I love this Washi Dress from Made-By-Rae. Admittedly, it might be a little young for me, but with some jeans or leggings, I think I could pull it off.


(Photo credit to Made-By-Rae.)

Pockets! Yay!


(Photo credit to Made-By-Rae.)

At the very least, maybe I could make a pillow–another one of my sewing skill sets–from this Washi Fabric.

The fabric is available from Pink Castle Fabrics and is designed by Rashida Coleman-Hale. There are other Washi Fabric designs too.

Washi Fabric in Charcoal.

Washi Triangle in Beige.

Washi Triangle in Gray

Do any of you sew? What would you make with these??

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4 Responses to Washi Tape Fabric – and a dress I would rock any day of the week.

  1. I am SO glad you love the dress!! but could you please give clear and proper photo cred beneath each pic (that is part of my terms of use if you are going to “borrow” pics…the other term is that you ask permission first…but….)

  2. Whoops! My sincerest apologies! I will fix it right away!

  3. Done. Let me know if this is okay. And again, love your adorable dress!

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